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Making Stuffed Peppers

*Click here to print instructions and recipe brochure 

*TIP:  If you do not like the spice of peppers, if you will core the peppers and soak in ice water for 30 minutes to an hour, it will take the majority of the heat out!  Then everyone can enjoy them!

Preparing the Jalapenos:

Choose large, straight, tapered jalapenos that will fit in the openings. 
Cut the tops off the jalapenos, wearing rubber gloves if you have sensitive skin.  Using the Chile Twister, carefully remove all of the seeds my twisting the Chile Twister in a circular motion and pull out.  Tap the pepper against the table to shake the remaining seeds out and then rinse the jalapeno pepper out.   Take a tooth pick and poke a whole in the bottom of the jalapeno.  This allows the juice and grease to leak out.  Place the peppers back into the Jalapeno Griller for stuffing.




Stuffing the Jalapenos:

Let your imagination go wild!  Try everything from the plain: cheese, refried beans, cream cheese, sausage, eggs,  to the unique:  shrimp, crab, smoked oysters, peanut butter, etc.   To stuff, poke a hole in the bottom of the jalapeno with a toothpick (unless your stuffing is runny), pour in seasoned salt, stuff them (see recipes), top with 1/4 piece of bacon (if desired) and a little more seasoned salt, put a toothpick through the  top, and set back into the Jalapeno Griller.




Put the Jalapeno Griller in your BBQ pit at about 325-350 degrees. Be sure you have indirect heat or the bottoms will burn.Setting the Jalapeno Griller on a sheet of aluminum foil to help shield the bottoms works great.They may also be cooked in an oven over a foil-lined cookie sheet at 325-350 degrees.If you want your peppers to lose most of their heat, cook slower for about an hour.If you want some kick, 30-45 minutes at 350 should do the trick.When the bacon is done, so are the peppers.  Let cool a little before eating. 

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